Game-changing technology

PharmaFluidics introduces the silicon revolution in chromatography. The perfect order of the micro-Chip Pillar Arrays overcomes the physical limits of any packed bed alternative. The revolutionary redesign of the HPLC separation bed reduces peak dispersion to an absolute minimum.
We supply micro-Chip Liquid Chromatography cartridges for use in all standard nano-LC equipment
Whether you are analyzing trace amounts of compounds in complex mixtures, or looking for subtle modifications in biological molecules: use plug-and-play µPACTM cartridges to boost your biomarker and life sciences research.

µPACTM – Pillar Array Columns


µPACTM is the first micro-Chip chromatography device that is manufactured using lithographic micromachining techniques. The lay-out of the stationary phase support structure is carefully designed. The perfectly ordered backbone of the separation bed is formed by etching interstitial volumes out of a silicon wafer.

µPACTM cartridges display unprecedented peak capacity with narrow peaks at low operating back-pressure. This results in a highly reliable and robust nano-LC solution with the best data-productivity, the highest resolution and state-of-the-art repeatability.



PharmaFluidics columns are compatible with all commercial nano LC equipment. According to the specific demands of your separation challenge, connection configurations compatible with nano- to microliter sample volumes can be provided. Commercially available fittings ensure plug-and-play integration of µPACTM cartridges into your system.

The unique separation chamber design also allows bidirectional use with consistent results for increased ease-of-use.

Our Pioneer Users

PharmaFluidics collaborates with a network of world class centers of expertise to develop cutting edge applications
for its groundbreaking micro-Chip Chromatography cartridges.


We are the world leaders in micro-Chip Chromatography. Building on more than 10 years of top-level academic research at the University of Brussels, our silicon microtechnology solutions bring liquid chromatography to a next level of efficiency. Our goal is to create separation devices with unprecedented resolution in a format that enables extreme user-friendliness and robustness. We can rely on a strong technical team with a variety of skills and expertise, backed by a Strategic Advisory Board of international chromatography experts and entrepreneurs.