In a visionary contribution to the Analytical Separation Scientist on the future of chromatography, Hilder and Shellie postulated in 2013 that the next wave of separation technology will be smaller, faster and smarter*. At that time, the PharmaFluidics team was working hard to prepare for the introduction of a revolutionary technology for liquid chromatography. One year later, seed investment funds were secured to realize a paradigm shift in LC column technology.

The idea to realize micro Pillar Array Columns (µPACTM) for liquid chromatography dates back to an initiative taken by prof. Gert Desmet. Intrigued by the effects of order and disorder in particulate based separation systems, the desire to translate his exhaustive theoretical modeling work into a practical device suddenly became very near when prof. Wim De Malsche and colleagues succeeded in overcoming the critical micromachining challenges for making astonishingly efficient microfluidic liquid chromatography separation devices.

The company was founded as a spin-off of the University of Brussels (VUB) in 2010. A decade of top-level academic research has given the company a head start in transforming the concept from academic proof-of-principle to a commercial product that fulfills unmet needs for the real-life user community. A strong IP position has been obtained, covering all aspects of innovation.

PharmaFluidics wants to bring liquid chromatography to a next level of efficiency in all aspects, by providing separation devices with an unprecedented resolution, in a format that enables extreme user-friendliness and robustness, and opens the way to further miniaturization and integration.

* Hilder and Shellie, Future Separations, The Analytical Scientist, Issue 3, 2013, p 24 – 31.


PharmaFluidics brings together a strong board of experienced VCs and life sciences entrepreneurs

Rudi Mariën

Director, RMM

Annie Vereecken

Director, Heran

Fasha Mahjoor

Independent Director

Strategic Advisory Board and management

We are supported by a Strategic Advisory Board of world-renowned chromatography experts and exceptionally successful entrepreneurs.

Pat Sandra

Founder and owner of RIC Kortrijk

Jean-Pierre Chervet

Founder and CEO of LC Packings, Sold to Dionex Company (later Thermo-Fisher)

Allen Northrup

Co-founder of Cepheid (Nasdaq: CPHD), Co-founder and CEO of MIODx

Gerard Rozing

Over 23 years at Agilent

Matthias Mann

Professor at the Max Planck Institute

Katrien Vanhonacker, MBA

VP Business Development & Sales


  • 2010 Incorporated

    Incorporated in Dec. 2010 as a VUB spin off
  • 2014 Capital increase

    Capital increase by Flemish Government, PMV and QBIC in Q1 2014 and Q2 2015
  • 2016 Capital increase

    Capital increase by QBIC, PMV, Innovation Fund, Theodorus III Fund and Volksvermogen in Q4 2016 and Q1 2017
  • 2018 Capital increase

    Capital increase by FPIM-SFPI, Heran, RMM, PMV, Qbic, Theodorus, Innovation Fund and Volksvermogen in Q1 2018
We work with an experienced venture capital investor base interested to leverage PharmaFluidics’ unique business potential. Applications in the omics and systems biology field constitute the fastest growing segment in analytical chromatography. PharmaFluidics’ micro-Chip Chromatography cartridges are ideally suited for these high value applications in biotech and pharma.
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