Jean-Pierre Chervet


Jean-Pierre Chervet

Dr. Jean-Pierre Chervet is a Swiss/Dutch pioneering entrepreneur in the field of analytical chemistry and chromatography.

He is the iconic founder, CEO and President of LC Packings which he built into the world’s leading supplier of micro, capillary, and nano scale chromatography systems and columns, and then successfully sold to Dionex, later Thermo-Fisher, in fall 2000. He subsequently acquired Dutch ANTEC, specialized in electrochemical reaction and detection systems for life science applications in pharma industries and academia.

He is the inventor of the landmark “Ultimate” brand, still in use today for integrated LC systems commercialized by Thermo-Fisher. He is the author of 80 scientific papers, 8 granted patents and has given more than 300 invited seminars and colloquia all over the world.

He got his degree in analytical Chemistry form the Free University in Amsterdam prior to his studies in USA and Switzerland.