The absence of molecular amplification in proteomics and metabolomics means that researchers rely heavily on sensitive detection of a biomarker during analytical separation. In recent years, LC performance has been the limiting factor in such experiments as the incremental improvement of conventional columns stalls. 

Based on top-level academic research demonstrating the effects of order and disorder in particulate-based separation systems, PharmaFluidics introduces a new generation of chromatography columns. The company’s know-how is the design and manufacturing of miniaturized separation columns by silicon micromachining. The perfect order in the stationary phase leads to unique benefits in terms of performance, reproducibility and robustness.

PharmaFluidics was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the University of Brussels (VUB). The first external funding was raised in 2014, followed by additional capital increases in 2016 and 2018 from experienced venture capital investors. Sales of the µPACTM columns were launched in 2017, and the company continues to build its portfolio based on the pillar array technology.  

With offices in Ghent, PharmaFluidics is located at the heart of the Flanders life sciences valley. This biotech hub features a mix of world-renowned universities, knowledge centers and biotech companies, giving the company direct access to talent, financing opportunities and a network of thriving companies. 


We’re looking for new colleagues to join our team!

Laboratory Technician

In line with its steep growth ambitions PharmaFluidics seeks to extend its team and is looking for a qualified Laboratory Technician:

  • with a strong motivation to use his/her technical skills for the final quality control of series of innovative microtechnology products.
  • with a high level of organizational skills to perform the different quality control tests in an efficient way, dedicated to timely deliver the QC-reports of each of the individual products.

You will have an important operational role, in a fast-paced stimulating work environment within a compelling business area, where many will depend on your performance to succeed.

Marketing Associate

In line with its steep growth ambitions PharmaFluidics seeks to extend its team with a Marketing Associate.
This experienced professional will:

  • Be responsible for developing and executing the company’s marketing presence (social media, website…)
  • Manage the communication activities with the advertising partners
  • Generate the visual content of our communication (graphic design, pictures…) and collaborate with colleagues to incorporate the technical content
  • Take on other tasks alongside the growth of the company, in order to expand the reach of our marketing programs
  • Contribute to the organization of trade shows participations

You will have an important role in a fast-paced, stimulating work environment, based in the heart of the company development, where you will make substantial contributions to the successful performance of the company.


Michel Allé_Independent Executive Chairman_PharmaFluidics

Michel Allé

Independent Executive Chairman

Marie Bouillez

Director, Theodorus

Rudi Mariën

Director, RMM

Annie Vereecken

Director, Heran
Fasha Mahjoor_PharmaFLuidics_

Fasha Mahjoor

Independent Director

Danny Gonnissen, PhD

Director, Qbic
Jeroen Van den Bossche_PharmaFluidics_Director PMV

Jeroen Van den Bossche

Director, PMV

Gert Desmet, PhD

Director, Co-founder

Johan Devenyns, PhD, MBA

Managing Director


Gert Desmet, PhD

Advisory Board Chair

Pat Sandra

Founder and owner of RIC Kortrijk

Jean-Pierre Chervet

Founder and CEO of LC Packings, Sold to Dionex Company (later Thermo-Fisher)
Matthias Mann

Matthias Mann

Professor at the Max Planck Institute (Germany) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Gerard Rozing

Over 23 years at Agilent

Johan Devenyns, PhD, MBA

Managing Director

Paul Jacobs, PhD

COO, Co-founder
Gilles Jaouen_Senior Key Account Manager France -South Europe_PharmaFluidics

Gilles Jaouen, MBA

VP Marketing & Sales
Bart Catrysse_VP Finance_PharmaFluidics

Bart Catrysse, MBA

VP Finance