Peptide separation on micro pillar array columns (µPACᵀᴹ). Part 1: Cytochrome C tryptic digest

Reversed phase cytochrome c tryptic digest separations are routinely employed for the analysis/quality control of HPLC column performance towards proteomics applications. Easily detectable in UV and with few components, this sample proves to be an ideal tool in demonstrating column performance towards more complex digest separations requiring MS detection. Not surprisingly, peak capacity values obtained for the separation of cytochrome c tryptic digest on reversed phase LC columns are often cited by different LC column vendors.

The unique properties of PharmaFluidics’ micro fabricated pillar array columns (μPACᵀᴹ) enable achieving very high separation resolution at moderate operating pressures. The focus of this application note is to illustrate the performance and versatility of a 200 cm μPAC™ column for peptide separations.