Chromatography peaks in silicon valley

Chromatography peaks in silicon valley – Rich Whitworth for The Analytical Scientist, November, 2017

“Quietly confident.” That’s how I would describe the team at PharmaFluidics and, in particular, its Managing Director, Johan Devenyns. Despite all the signs that a disruptive – but minimally dispersed – wave is about to break on a very “particula” (Latin pun, folks) liquid chromatography community, Johan is keen to attract the right kind of attention, by allowing the technology to speak for itself rather than shouting about a “microchip revolution” from the rooftops.

I admire his restraint. After all, at HPLC2017 in Prague, I had a number of conversations about a young spin-off company that was “shaking things up” – with some people expressing open concern about the future of “regular” columns. Meanwhile, Gert Desmet (one of the co-founders of PharmaFluidics) tops The Analytical Scientist’s Ten Top Tens Power List in the “Separation Scientists” and “Leaders” categories, and it feels like momentum is building for change.

I sat down with Johan to learn more about the technology, the company, and its plans for the future.

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