Disclaimer & privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all visitors of the website www.pharmafluidics.com.


www.pharmafluidics.com is managed by PharmaFluidics NV. The contact details can be found on the above-mentioned website.

User data

Some information resulting from one or more visits to www.pharmafluidics.com is stored permanently, but anonymously. The data can never be traced back to a person or organization.

PharmaFluidics ensures the data are stored securely.


PharmaFluidics uses functional cookies to optimise the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer by a website page. In such a cookie, information is stored such as certain visitor preferences. This allows PharmaFluidics to offer an improved experience and user friendliness.

The user can determine how cookies are handled. He or she can set up the browser to allow, partially allow or disallow the use of functional cookies. In the case of partially allowed use of cookies, the websites that can generate functional cookies are specified. Most modern browsers provide this option. Cookies can also be deleted from a computer, using the browser settings.

PharmaFluidics uses Analytics cookies that do not track single users, but process information on large numbers of visitors anonymously to graphs and patterns that help us improve and optimise the website.


In regards to any questions about this privacy policy, users can contact PharmaFluidics. The contact details are included on the website at all times.


PharmaFluidics is entitled to alter the contents of the privacy policy without notification to the user. The implementation of the changes on the website is considered sufficient.