Evaluation of Micro-Pillar Array Columns (μPAC™) Combined with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Lipidomics


In the 21st century, numerous advances have been made in liquid chromatography (LC) column technology.
The best known are columns packed with sub-2-μm porous particles or sub-3-μm superficially particles,
and monolithic columns. Another very novel and original development is micro-pillar array columns
(μPAC™). μPAC™s are produced by a lithographic etching process to create a perfectly ordered separation
bed on a silicon chip. Although the performance in terms of efficiency has been illustrated, the applicability
for analysis of real complex samples has yet to be fully demonstrated. This article illustrates that
state‑of‑the‑art μPAC™ columns coated with octadecyl are applicable for a challenging application such as
lipidomics. The performance is illustrated with the analysis of human blood plasma lipids.