No, you cannot apply high voltage to the outlet union of the µPAC™ column. Our column is comprised of a microchip and as such is semi-conductive. Therefore, when coupled to a mass spectrometer where the high voltage is applied to an emitter (e.g Thermo Scientific™ or Waters instruments) the outlet union must be used to ground the µPAC™ column. Grounding is achieved by connecting the outlet union of the µPAC™ column to a grounding pin on your mass spectrometer or HPLC with the blue coiled Ground it! grounding cable (swallow tail and crocodile clip options; P/N: 201901TLK).

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µPACᵀᴹ connectivity

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We have a Thermo Scientific™ Ultimate 3000 nanoRSLC connected to a Q Exactive Plus or Lumos™. Are the connections on your µPAC™ columns compatible with our liquid junction?

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