No, attached to both ends of the µPAC™ columns are fused silica capillaries protected by PEEK tubing (blue). Each end is fitted with stainless steel unions. Both sides of the inlet union connects 1⁄32″ tubing; whereas the outlet union connects 1⁄32″ tubing to 360 µm O.D. fused silica. Provided with every µPAC™ column is a µPACᵀᴹ 1⁄16″ Connecting PEEKsil™ capillary with 1⁄16″ (labelled: to valve) and 1⁄32″ (labelled: to µPAC™) finger tight fittings that facilitates connection of the µPAC™ column to standard HPLC switching valves that utilise nanoViper fittings. To guarantee column performance, the PEEK tubing and fittings must never be removed.

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