17th Swedish Proteomic Society (SPS) Symposium 2018

PharmaFluidics at SPS 2018
PharmaFluidics at SPS 2018

PharmaFluidics will be attending the 17th SPS Symposium at Aulan, Skåne University Hospital in Lund, Sweden from 2-3 December, 2018.

The aim of the 17th Symposium is to bring participants together with expertise within the structural protein science, health care field, and Proteomics scientists to interact and to build new cross functional links.

The meeting is organized by the Swedish Proteomic Society (SPS) and the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and has a focus on Structural Proteomics.

The program consists of a mix of front line speakers from the Biotech Industry, Academia, National Research Societies and Instrumental companies.

Our experts will be waiting for you at our booth to explain our µPACTM technology.

Find out more on the conference website.