PharmaFluidics and ThermoFisher present new proteomics results at HUPO2017

In collaboration with ThermoFisher, PharmaFluidics has presented new results on the benefits of µPAC™ in the analysis of proteomic samples. The poster, presented at HUPO2017, specifically demonstrates that:

  • Highly reproducible chromatographic separation of tryptic digest samples can be achieved using the combination of a 200 cm long PharmaFluidics μPAC™ C18 nano-LC column, a ThermoFisher nLC1200 pump and a Thermo Orbitrap Fusion™ Lumos™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer.
  • Excellent analytical performance with peak capacities up to 846 for a 240 minute gradient can be obtained using this combination.
  • Injecting a dilution series of 1000, 100 and 10 ng tryptic Hela cell digest, over 5400 protein groups were identified in a 240 minute gradient run at the highest sample concentration.
  • When injecting only 10 ng tryptic Hela cell digest, roughly corresponding to the content of 50 cells, over 3000 protein groups can be identified in a single 120 minute gradient run.
  • Whereas the traditional nano LC columns used to achieve high analytical performance are generally limited in terms of operation flexibility (very high backpressure, low flow rates only), 200 cm long μPAC™ columns can easily be operated in a wide range of flow rates hence enabling chromatographers to optimize separation parameters according to their needs.

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