PharmaFluidics Facilitates Ultra-high-resolution Proteomics Analysis Through Agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ghent, Belgium – September 30, 2018

PharmaFluidics NV, an innovative bio-analytical chromatography company, announced today that it entered into a Partnership Agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, a global Life Sciences Tools and Instruments leader. The agreement empowers PharmaFluidics to sell Thermo Fisher custom-made EASY-Spray™ transfer lines, in combo sets with PharmaFluidics’ own line of µPAC™ chromatography micro-Chips, to constitute an ultra-high-resolution front-end source platform for Thermo Fisher mass spectrometry (MS) instruments.

“This is an exciting opportunity to facilitate our µPAC™ customers’ proteome analysis workflows and raise their protein identification performance capabilities to new heights” said Katrien Vanhonacker, Vice President Business Development at PharmaFluidics, “It will provide all users of Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Spray™ source-equipped mass spectrometers with familiar access and connections to PharmaFluidics’ separation chip”.

“Today’s bio-analytical customers require robust and easy-to-handle tools, to achieve new levels of performance in HPLC/MS” said Dr. Sven Klingel, Director Business Development Life Sciences Business Unit, Thermo Fisher. “Our custom-made EASY-Spray™ transfer lines facilitate coupling of µPAC™ columns to our HRAM MS detectors in a simple and easy to use way. As a result of this collaboration, our customers can enhance their separation options with a range of chip based ultra-high-resolution separations and best in class MS instruments to achieve high-quality results.”

The µPAC™ Pillar Array Chromatography technology is an innovative platform that provides high-quality separation capabilities for MS. Using propietary micro-Chip microfluidic technology, the µPAC™ achieves superior separation of components in complex biological samples, improving LC-MS analysis results. The combined capabilities are revolutionizing the analysis of biological samples, allowing researchers, developers and vendors to keep pace in the buoyant and emerging fields of proteomics and protein-based diagnostics.

About PharmaFluidics
PharmaFluidics develops and commercializes its unique µPACᵀᴹ range of micro-Chip based chromatography columns for use in biomarker, diagnostics and drug research & development applications in the global biotech and pharma industries. The unprecedented, game-changing sensitivity and separation performance of PharmaFluidics’ µPACᵀᴹ chromatography columns allows to identify substantially more compounds in complex biological samples, such as biopsies, proteome digests, culture media or bio-pharmaceutical actives.

The key expertise and IP estate of PharmaFluidics are the design, lithographic production, and surface treatment of silicon wafers for use as separation devices in liquid chromatography. PharmaFluidics collaborates with an extensive network of centers of excellence, pioneer users and global Mass Spectrometry instrument providers to develop an increasing range of applications.

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