µPACᵀᴹ column oven

The µPAC™ column oven provides precision temperature control of all  µPAC™ column formats, from nanoLC to capLC columns. This µPAC™ specific oven allows scientists to use temperature control to enable different flowrates and benefit from more accurate retention time stability. As a consequence, the unique reproducibility of the µPAC™ columns can be fully enjoyed with a stable temperature control.

The µPAC™  column oven set includes the µPAC™ Flex iON Connect, designed to simply and reliably interface the μPAC™ column to the Thermo Scientific Nanospray Flex ion source. With the μPAC™ Flex iON Connect, the number of post-column connections is limited to two, with the μPAC™ column on the inlet side, and a 360 μm OD emitter on the outlet side. This significantly reduces the risk of faulty connections, and the loss of valuable sample and LC-MS analysis time.

The µPAC™  column oven set includes an electrical cable. Preferences on the electrical cable can be precised at the time of order (for the US: ACC-elecableUS, for Europe: ACC-elecableEU)