Realizing great vision – in a material world

Realizing great vision – in a material world – Rich Whitworth for The Analytical Scientist, November, 2017

An interview with Wim De Malsche, co-founder, CTO and Director at PharmaFluidics, and Associate Professor at VUB, Belgium.

What’s the “origins” story from your perspective?

I joined Gert Desmet as a PhD student after he had been looking at the influence of order on dispersion, using computational fluid simulations in pillar arrays – relatively easy to simulate in 2D. During those simulations, Gert realized that the performance gains could be exploited in better chromatographic columns. He considered many aspects that I could use; the sidewall effect and the shape of the pillars, for example. During my PhD, I explored several different directions, developing even better solutions in some cases, but I have to say that Gert had already considered many theoretical aspects at that point.

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