Silicon Wafer Technology Makes LC Analysis for Proteomics More powerful and Effective, A User’s Experience

As the field of proteomics grows more complex, traditional separation techniques like nano-liquid chromatography (LC) have a harder time extracting critical information efficiently. PharmaFluidics’ μPAC™, a breakthrough in column design, helps bring LC analysis up to speed. LCGC recently sat down with Geert Van Raemdonck, global field support expert at PharmaFluidics, to discuss this topic. After using the μPAC™ at the University of Antwerp, Van Raemdonck was convinced about the benefits of micro-pillar array column technology. His enthusiasm resulted in him joining the team of PharmaFluidics.

LCGC discussed with Van Raemdonck the unique properties of the μPAC™ columns and got a user’s-eye view of what it’s like to work with them in proteomics applications. Van Raemdonck also shared his ideas about how future products could meet even more advanced analytical needs.


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