Technical note 3: μPAC™ column robustness in bottom-up proteomics

μPAC™ column robustness in bottom-up proteomics

Next to technical issues that can occur with the LC-MS system’s hard- and software, LC column failure is one of the most frequent causes of LC-MS system down time.

Due to the unique fabrication procedure, PharmaFluidics’ μPAC™ columns have the potential to be much less prone to sample related column failure and to withstand more sample injections without losing performance.

Continuous operation of a 200 cm μPAC™ column over a period of 6 months did not affect the chromatographic properties of the column.

After a total of 3,526 injections, of which 1000 tryptic HeLa cell digest injections, the overall retention time for a reference standard (Cytochrome C digest) was found to be very stable with a coefficient of variance below 2% for all reference peptide peaks.

Several “challenging” bottom-up proteomics samples were subsequently injected onto the μPAC™ column, and again no impact on column performance nor retention has been observed.

This excellent robustness and resilience towards “challenging” samples can be attributed to several unique features of the μPAC™ column.

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