Technical note 9: µPAC™ Flex iON Connect ESI-MS interface

µPAC™ Flex iON Connect ESI-MS interface

The μPAC™ Flex iON Connect is a user-friendly interface to facilitate fast, reproducible and low dispersion connection of μPAC™ nanoLC columns to Thermo Fisher Scientific Nanospray Flex™ Series ion sources. In low flow liquid chromatography (nano and capillary LC), the quality of post column connections is critical to preserve separation performance when analytes are transferred from the LC column to the ionization source of the mass spectrometer. As flow rates and column volumes are reduced, the effect of dead or unswept volumes in the flow path becomes significant, often reducing the separation resolution and decreasing the sensitivity of LC-MS analyses.

By providing a column to MS interface that combines the two liquid junctions (mentioned in the technical note) in a quality controlled and secured fashion, the number of post column user interventions is reduced, hereby increasing the robustness and reliability of the LC-MS coupling. In addition, both the grounding and high voltage-supply only need to be attached once at the initial installation of the docking part.

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