µPACᵀᴹ honored in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2017

Accurate measurement drives progress in science in immeasurable ways – and The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards (TASIAs) highlight the creative concepts behind these advances. On December 14, the 2017 TASIAs were published – what impact will these 15 TASIA winners have on your field?

The Top Three innovations recognized are: a Raman analyzer for seeing through opaque packaging and coatings (third), a micro-chip chromatography device for high-resolution chromatography of complex biological samples (second), and an imaging solution for comprehensive analysis of cellular phenotypes and their interrelationships (first). Please see below for the full list of the 15 winners.

Charlotte Barker (Editor of The Analytical Scientist) said, “Now in year five, The Innovation Awards continue to shine a light on the instruments and technologies that are having a big impact across the analytical sciences. We had a record number of entries this year, and the final 15 reflect the full spectrum of analytical advances, from ingenious software for managing impurity data, to transformative MS imaging technology.”

Who are the 15 2017 TASIA Winners?

  1. Hyperion Imaging System (Fluidigm)
  2. Micro Pillar Array Column: μPAC (PharmaFluidics)
  3. i-Raman Pro ST (B&W Tek)
  4. NeoSpectra Micro (Si-Ware Systems)
  5. Portability (BaySpec)
  7. timsTOF Pro (Bruker)
  8. Captiva Enhanced Matrix Removal-Lipid (Agilent)
  9. Ultivo LC/TQ – 1260 Infinity II Prime LC (Agilent)
  10. Luminata (ACD Labs)
  11. Q Exactive HF-X Hybrid Quadrupole Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  12. G908 3-in-1 Cannabis Analyzer (908 Devices)
  13. ePrep Sample preparation Workstation (ePrep)
  14. The Topaz System (SCIEX)
  15. CHARON Particle Inlet for PTR-TOFMS (IONICON)

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