Webinar – Advanced proteomic workflows using micro Pillar Array Columns: Insights of ‘The proteome landscape of the kingdoms of life’

In this webcast, Dr. Geert Van Raemdonck of PharmaFluidics will explain the principles of the micro-chip based pillar array columns and demonstrate how the PharmaFluidics µPAC™ columns can contribute to develop advanced proteomic workflows. Drs. Johannes Mueller from the Max Planck Institute in Munich will explain how this Nature publication has been concluded and how the 200 cm long micro Pillar Array Columns have contributed to establish this large dataset.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • To learn the principles of micro-chip-based pillar array chromatography columns
  • To understand the benefits and separation performance of micro-chip-based chromatography columns for the analysis of various biological samples
  • To demonstrate real-world applications of the retention time stability and reproducibility of the micro-chip pillar array chromatography
  • To learn the importance of having large proteome datasets available