Webinar – Capillary Flow LCMS Using micro Pillar Array Columns Combining Nano Flow Sensitivity with Analytical Flow Robustness and Throughput

In this webcast, Dr. Jeff Op de Beeck of PharmaFluidics will explain the principles of the micro-chip based pillar array columns and demonstrate how the PharmaFluidics µPAC™ capLC column can contribute to LC–MS workflow robustness. Dr. Maarten Dhaenens of ProGenTomics will show high resolution DIA data of 500 ng of human proteome analyzed using either packed bed or micro-chip based pillar array columns operated at different flow rates and gradients.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the principles of micro-chip based pillar array chromatography columns
  • Understand the benefits and separation performance that can be achieved with the µPAC capLC column (1–15 µL/min)
  • Be convinced about the robustness and sensitivity of modern day capLC and its applicability in proteomics
  • Get a glimpse of an alternative future in proteomics: highly reproducible label-free quantification of thousands of peptides over large sample batches using capLC-DIA

Watch it here!