Webinar – Expanding the Limits of Shotgun Proteomics Using Micro Pillar Array Columns and Data-Independant Acquisition (DIA) Methods

In this webinar, Dr. Jeff Op de Beeck, the application development manager of PharmaFluidics, will explain specific features of the micro-chip-based pillar array chromatography and Dr. Jan Muntel, a senior scientist at Biognosys AG, will report on the latest application of PharmaFluidics’ nanoflow columns in combination with the DIA methodology.


• Learn the principles of micro-chip-based pillar array chromatography columns.
• Understand the benefits and separation performance of micro-chip-based chromatography columns for the analysis of complex and tiny biological samples.
• Demonstrate real-world applications of micro-chip pillar array chromatography columns in combination with data-independent acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry.
• Report on performance improvements in the number of precursors, peptides, and protein groups identified.