Webinar – Practical applications of µPAC™ column technology using data-independent acquisition for clinical proteomics

In this webcast, several workflows will be shown. The first part will discuss our collaboration with the researchers from Biognosys, working on a comprehensive proteomics method in Data Independent Analysis (DIA) for mass spectrometry. Within this workflow, the 200 cm long μPAC™ nanocolumn was used after initial high PH reversed phase fractionation, resulting not only in exceptional high identification numbers, but at the same time delivering highest reproducibility of analysis.

In the second part, we will show the results from a clinical proteomics project, performed by the scientists from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. To help create a significantly higher sample throughput, the μPAC™ capLC column was used, running in lower μL/min range. One of the examples that will be shown is whole blood analysis, again showing a major improvement in comparison to packed-bed columns.

Learn about how µPAC™ can help:

  • Increase separation performance, using up to 200 cm long separation channel
  • Improve LC/MS robustness in nanoLC
  • Enhance run to run and column to column reproducibility